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I wish it still worked.

This was my favorite solitaire app. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated for iOS 11, so now I have to find a different one. :(

Parlour Solitaires

it was doing fine and all of a sudden there are 2 aces of hearts. Can't play from deck I think it's stuck or something. Today,everything sticks Today, every other card is a 4 of spades Nothing plays from the deck

Parlour solitaire

I really enjoyed playing this game until the game started to be very sluggish. It was a fast playing game and now it takes several seconds before a card moves. Can this problem be corrected?

Please add more features

I think this game is awesome... But it still need more features like other solitaire games, such as counting number, automatic stop when it's no more clue/way to continue playing, playing mode : standard, vegas etc....


I was very pleased to find this after spending some time looking for a visually aesthetic solitaire game without distracting ads. The mechanics feel comfortable, and I even love the little *thwerp* sound when the cards move!

Too few features

The graphics are sharp taking advantage of the retina display. There is a help for those who are learning. However, you cannot change the backs of the cards, the background, or the face. There is no Vegas style scoring, and no "guaranteed winnable" option. The cards do not get bigger when rotated to landscape mode. There are more feature-packed versions available.

Hard on the eyes

Developers must own eye glasses shops. Very,very hard on the eyes and I do not need glasses. While it looks pretty, there are far too many better FREE solitaire games out there. After playing 2 minutes I found my eyes scanning all over just to see the card layout. Cards are way, way too small for a relaxing game.

"Hint" Function

Nice UI design, Plz think about adding the function of "Hint"!

simple and beautiful!

it is really a beautiful solitaire experience. i will play it often!

Very pretty but...

Would like to see an option for single card deal. This version is impossible to win.


Love everything about it. Looks great, clear rules for first-time players, and makes time die.

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